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February of 2023

February of 2023

December 24 of 2021
[3voor12 VPRO] Bee Sting: A new music band from Groningen, The Netherlands made its entrance on the best of the northern music challenge. Vince Railaf (Mapuche) and Jasja Brink's (Dutch) music is unique and has been compared to that of "Die Antwoord" from South Africa. From a list of more than 100 bands they ended up on the 9th of the top 10.

Bee Sting
August of 2021
This weekend the team of Indigenous Radio Amsterdam will organize a special live event about Indigenous People world wide. In the context of the UN declaration. You can find us at Mart Radio
On Sunday August 8 of 2021 from 16:00 till 19:00 ours.

Willem Koning
October 21 of 2020
In this podcast we will talk with Alex Mora, a Mapuche performer and visual artist. Alex is also a traditional dancer during the ceremony of the Wetripantu. Alex Mora attended the art school in Germany. Therefore the questions will be in English and the answers in German.

Music by: Weliwen - Winka Kaikai
October 20 of 2020
Interview with Vandria Borari an Indigenous woman from The Brazilian Amazon. She is also the first Indigenous Borari peoples lawyer in her region. She talks about the difficult situation for Indigenous peoples in the Brazilian Amazone, and how people in Europe can contribute to save our planet.

Music by: As Katuanas
Title: Ervas Ceirosas
Image: Vivilofotos
October 18 of 2020
Maria Railaf, member of the Mapuche foundation Folil in The Netherlands tells us about the need of recognition of the Mapuche people in Chile and about an attack of a Mapuche community.

"As long as a Mapuche is alive, this land will be Mapuche land"

LOF ADKINTUE. 10/16/20
Music by: Kumbia Queers
October 18 of 2020
Dit is Indigenous podcast waarin wij in gesprek gaan met een jonge Kalinya vrouw Claudia Kabenda die zich inzet voor het welzijn van haar volk. Zij is basja, dat is assistent van het dorpshoofd, Jopoto, Astrid Toenae van het dorp Maho. In het kader van 12 oktober 1492 doen wij een reeks interviewen met Inheemse broeders en zusters waarin wij vragen naar hun activiteiten en de analyse van de huidige situatie in onze gemeenschappen.

Music by: Mutusjie
Title: Atande Mokose jemejre
17 October 2020
There are a few Indigenous native speakers in Europe, we know a number of Kalinya native speakers, Lokono native speakers, but Mapuche native speakers are also present in the Netherlands. Kalinya’s speak Kalinya awlang, Lokono’s speak, Lokono dian and Mapuches speak Mapudungun. One of the Mapuche native speakers is Rafael Railaf (87) and he is a member of the Mapuche organization FOLIL. He will deliver a message of hope in Mapudungun in connection with October 12, to the Mapuche brothers and sisters in Chile who are facing a tough struggle for their survival. Mapudungun means “The language of the land”.

Music by: Portavoz x Luanko x Dj Cidtronyck - "Witrapaiñ" (Estamos de Pie)
October 16 of 2020
We will have a series of interviews with various Indigenous activists, village leaders Indigenous students and artists who contribute to the struggle of Indigenous people from all over the world. In the context of October 12, 1492, we will ask them to reflect on their activities and what October 12 means to them. My name is Inge Pierre and in cooperation with Mapuche Radio Netherlands we have contacted mister Paillacan, a Mapuche living in Basque Country. He will speak in the Euskera language. Listen to his summary of Mapuche suppression in Chile. Translation will follow after the summary.

Music by: Fermin Muguruza · Manu Chao
October 13 of 2020
In the series of podcasts dedicated to October 12, 1492, we interview Jupta Itoewaki, Wayana activist for land rights and recognition of the Indigenous people in Suriname. As a young woman she is the interpreter of the Wayana chief and represents him in his absence. She is also involved with the UN. Jupta reminds us to especially support the projects initiated by the Indigenous communities. Jupta also explains how Europe can support the Indigenous struggle.

Music by Maestra Olivia: Ikaro
October 12 of 2020
Suriname, 528 years after the Columbus invasion of South America, we will reflect with Mr. Alwien Ligorie on his life for the benefit of Indigenous resistance. He reviews his contemporary activities and actions as a 70 year old activist in Suriname and expresses his hope for the future of its people.

Music by: The Lokono
Title: Dosa

I am glad to see the day
The sun, the forest and my family.
I don't know what will come or what will happen tomorrow.
What have to do tomorrow.
Therefore let us be good for each other.
illapu - Free Mapuche Prisoners in Chile
March 29 of 2020
From Temuco City Mapuche reporter Pascual Pichun about the Covid-19 virus on their territory. Pichun tells about the concerned families of the Mapuche political prisoners at Angol city who got visits from government people who might be infected with the Corona virus. They do not take social distancing into account.

March 2020
Chile: Indigenous Mapuche health care warns its people on the Corona virus COVID-19 in their language, The Mapudungun.

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