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 2014-08-24  category: news  language: Spanish
 editor: rafael  playtime: 29:57  bitrate: 80kb
Entrevista a Jonathan Zapata Painemal
La Federacion Mapuche De Estudiantes en Chile (Femae) se encuentra preparando un Congreso Nacional Mapuche para participar como pueblo y segun el Convenio 169 de la OIT. en el debate en cuanto la reforma educacional. Temuko 30-31 agosto del 2014
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 2014-08-12  category: news  language: Spanish
 editor: rafael  playtime: 6:45  bitrate: 64.004097481945kb
Tropa militar en comunidades Mapuche
Tropas militares Chilenas ingresan a comunidad Mapuche en Temucuicui. Entrevista a Lonko de la comunidad. Fuente:
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 2014-08-12  category: news  language: Spanish
 editor: rafael  playtime: 6:30  bitrate: 192kb
Entrevista a vocero Jorge Huenchullan
Entrevista a vocero Mapuche Jorge Huenchullan sobre la llegada de tropas militar chilena a la comunidad de Temucuicui amenazando a mujeres. Jorge: "Estos echos no se investigan, militares prohiben tomar fotografias e filmacion de su ingreso"
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 2014-08-08  category: music  language: Spanish
 editor: rafael  playtime: 3:34  bitrate: 320kb
Daniela Millaleo - Sol
Daniela is a young Mapuche singer, living in Santiago de Chile and belongs to the Huilliche clan. Today she is touring with a massage she said, namely: "The Claim and struggle of our people that refuses to disappear".
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 2014-08-05  category: music  language: Spanish
 editor: rafael  playtime: 4:02  bitrate: 320kb
Minuto Soler - Tenemos una sola sangre
Tenemos una sola sangre = "We have only one kind of blood" and we are part of the land. The new generation Indigenous Mapuche is proud of its ancestors and proudly they sing about that they want to fight for its culture and its people.
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 2014-08-01  category: music  language: Spanish
 editor: rafael  playtime: 3:51  bitrate: 320kb
Minuto Soler - No te dejes vencer
"No te dejes vencer= Do not give up". Dedicated to the Indigenous Mapuche children in Chile who suffer brutal repression by the Chilean police. Ones again music has become an important possibility to make aware our situation
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 2014-08-01  category: music  language: Spanish
 editor: rafael  playtime: 3:01  bitrate: 320kb
Minuto Soler - Seguir o Seguir
Minuto Soler Luanko is a Mapuche music Rap, Hip-Hop band from Santiago de Chile. They are submitted to the Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards. You will see more and more Indigenous Mapuche youth making music in support of their People.
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 2014-03-16  category: music  language: Spanish
 editor: rafael  playtime: 3:10  bitrate: 320kb
Minuto Soler - Wewain
Proud of their ancestors, today the new generation Indigenous Mapuche in Argentina and Chile makes Hip-Hop music in a mix of Spanish & its ancestral language the Mapudungun. Wewain= "We Will Overcome or We will Win".
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 2013-12-20  category: music  language: Spanish
 editor: rafael  playtime: 3:11  bitrate: 128.01749366265kb
Pascual Pichun - La recuperacion
Vamos a la recuperacion de tierras Mapuche en Chile
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 2012-10-18  category: music  language: Spanish
 editor: rafael  playtime: 3:08  bitrate: 80kb
Cueca sobre los Presos Mapuche
Cueca por los Presos Políticos Mapuche en Chile, hoy 54 días en huelga de hambre.
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